How To: Put in Your Tail Bag

How To: Put in Your Tail Bag

You can use this short and sweet guide with any tail bag, although mine will give you better results than others!

  1. Wash your horse's tail with shampoo and conditioner. I recommend also using a leave in product such as cowboy magic to add extra moisture and shine.
  2. Braid your tail! If you have a lazy mare that doesn't like to lift her tail much, you can use a french braid. Just make sure you only make the braid tight/snug after you are about 2 inches down from the tail bone so that you don't cause any damage. Braid the tail as far down as possible and secure the tail with two braiding/banding elastics for strength.
  3. Put your braided tail in your tail bag (you can do this wet or dry)! If you don't just secure your tail bag with a strap that snaps or velcro's, tie a single knot, and then a bow (between braid plaits). This is the easiest to un-do when you need to take your tail out. My mare swings her tail pretty heavily so I use three knots instead. Make sure your first two knots are tight, the third can be a little looser.

 Please feel free to comment if you have any questions!

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