Horse Blanket Washing - Zero Effort & No Washing Machine Necessary

Horse Blanket Washing - Zero Effort & No Washing Machine Necessary

So you have had your horse blanketed, whether it is to keep them warm or clean, many of us do it. But then comes time to wash your blanket(s)... Your home washer is too small or doesn't do a good job, the laundromats don't want you, a quick spray job with a hose doesn't do the trick, and you don't want to spend your precious time scrubbing it by hand.

How in the heck are you gonna get that dang thing clean?

I have the solution for you...

Absolutely NO scrubbing required...

You with me?

Here's how you do it.

  1. Buy/grab some OxyClean laundry booster, a spot treatment spray, Clorox for Colors, and your laundry detergent. If you want to add a nice scent, downy unstoppables are amazing at that or you can use a little scented laundry detergent.
  2. Grab yourself a storage tub, muck bucket, or a trough you aren't using. Basically anything you can fit your blanket in with room for water.
  3. Spray off any mud chunks with water and spray any visible stains with your spot treatment spray (I prefer OxyClean). Let that sit for the product's recommended time.
  4. For a heavy winter blanket I use 2 scoops of OxyClean (more won't hurt if it makes you feel better) and two cap fulls of Clorox for colors. When mixed together, the products usually turn purple. Go ahead and add your laundry detergent, and if you wish your scent booster. DO NOT use any fabric softener. This weakens some fabric types and will negate any product treatments (waterproofing, bug repellant, etc.) Adjust your detergent according to the weight of your blanket/sheet.
  5. Fill up your tub with water only until your detergents are dissolved, remember you still need to fit a bulky blanket in.
  6. Grab your dirty blanket and put it in the tub, make sure to push it under the water to soak it since most blankets will float for a while before they soak up any water, especially waterproof ones.
  7. Continue to fill up the tub until the water covers your blanket or as close as possible.
  8. Agitate the water a little by pushing the blanket under and flipping it around.
  9. Let it sit in the solution for 2 or more hours and then repeat step 8. If the blanket is especially dirty I will leave it to soak for 24 hours (that was a blanket that was not washed all winter).
  10. Remove the blanket from the tub, you might need some help as some blankets get very heavy.
  11. Rinse off the blanket to remove the soap and residue and then hang to dry.

That's it! 

If anyone has any tricks they like to use, leave a comment below!

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