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"By far the BEST tail bags I have ever used!"

Lauryn Wilson

About Us

Synergy Equine Products is committed to providing the equine community with high quality hand-crafted, waterproof, and durable tail bags. This current design evolved from my need for a waterproof tail bag for my mare's white tail. Everything I found on the internet did not fit what I imagined when I thought of a quality tail bag. So, instead of compromising and buying something I didn't want, I began the journey of designing my own from scratch. (Trust me, I definitely would have just bought the bag if it existed.) It took a little trial and error, but I finally came up with a tail bag that matched my check-list: waterproof, durable, attractive, and protection from the outer layer of the bag to avoid damage to tail hairs.  

My Story: I started developing this product (unknowingly) about a year ago. My mare Lita was managing to turn her white/cream colored tail yellow even while up in a braid and inside of a standard lycra tail bag. I diligently washed her tail every weekend with whitening shampoo and every whitening trick in the book (or Pinterest in this case). I did my best to keep it moist and protected, but between the whitening treatments and the urine her tail was dry and brittle and the old stains just would not grow or wash out!I decided it was time to go on the hunt for a new tail bag. The lycra tail bag let in so much dirt and did not even attempt to help with my biggest problem, urine. So I searched the internet for a waterproof tail bag with no luck. I’m not saying there weren’t any, I just couldn’t find any that I liked, they were all pure canvas material and all I could picture were tail hairs getting caught and damaged/broken. When I couldn’t find the waterproof tail bag that I wanted, I decided to make my own (with some trial and error). I tried using a template for what I can only assume was a stretchy lycra material, which did not work with the durable exterior material. I went back to the drawing board, literally, and re-designed my template. Fast forward through a lot of sleep deprivation and adjustments, and I have my current design! My tail bag is like no other bag on the market. It features a soft liner with some stretch, and a waterproof 1,000 Denier exterior.My lovely Lita has served as my guinea pig for almost 3 years now. Her tail has never been in better condition! At one point during winter, due to the cold, I left her tail in the bag for 3 weeks. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I removed it from the bag. To my surprise, her tail looked exactly the same as when I put it in the bag, if not better! It was moist and shiny, and best of all NOT YELLOW, brown, or green! Ever since I have had the bag on her tail, I have personally used less product and had to cut her tail much more frequently! (I *try* to wash her tail once a week, but I’m human and sometimes that doesn’t happen)I love this tail bag and would never go back to using standard store/internet sold bags. Give this tail bag a shot or recommend it to your friends! And of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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